Learn a little more about the staff behind UthMpact.

Coalition Staff

Samantha serves as the Coalition Coordinator. She has been with InnerAct Alliance and the Coalition since August 2014. 


Sam is dedicated and enjoys her work. When she’s not working, she also enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two nieces! If you want to have Sam as a forever friend, just bring her a latte to satisfy her slight Starbucks addiction!


Email: Samantha.Barwig@inneractalliance.org

Samantha Barwig

Coalition Coordinator

Jill serves as the UthMpact Facilitator.  She has been with InnerAct Alliance since August of 2016.


Jill was formerly an educator, and enjoys being able to have an opportunity to further guide high school students, within our program, to reach their individual potential through leadership skills.

Email: jill.martinez@inneractalliance.org

Jill Martinez Asbill

UthMpact Facilitator