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Learn a little more about the staff behind UthMpact.

Coalition Staff

Samantha McCain
Coalition Coordinator

Samantha McCain is the Assistant Executive Director for InnerAct Alliance. In addition to her position, she is the Coalition Coordinator for StandUP Polk and UthMpact and is heavily involved in the planning and implementation of the annual red ribbon run. She is fiercely dedicated and enjoys her work making a difference in the community. Outside of work you can find Sam hanging out with her husband and two fur-babies, Klaus and Grogu. You want to be her forever friend? Just let her bring her dogs with her!



Katrina is InnerAct Alliance's Information Coordinator and one of the coalition assistants. She is in charge of researching and providing new trainings for the teachers to stay up on the latest drug and alcohol trends. Previously the receptionist, she provides fun, fresh ideas and a great sense of humor. She is also in charge of our social media presence for all of our programs.

When she isn't dedicating her time to our cause, you can find her planning out her next trip to Epcot or gushing about her favorite video games. And always ask her about her cats. She loves to talk about them and show them off to anyone willing to spare five minutes.


Katrina Convey
Coalition Assistant & Information Coordinator

Evalyn Shiver
Coalition Assistant & Social Norms Marketing Coordinator

Evalyn serves as the Social Norms Marketing Coordinator and coalition assistant. Since 2016, she has been involved with InnerAct Alliance as a summer intern, and before then as a member of UthMpact. Her love of learning and education drive Evalyn to make a positive impact on Polk County’s students. When she is not working, Evalyn is a voracious reader and loves to learn about the origins of words, but don’t ask her about that unless you have an hour or two to kill.


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