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About the Leadership Program


Class VIII

SNAP SHOT of the Leadership Program

  • Nominated by a Principal, Guidance Counselor, Community Leader or Students may Self Nominate (the previous leadership class picks the current class)

  • Parent Meeting after acceptance - May

  • 1-Day Retreat before school starts - July

  • Etiquette Dinner (before the first leadership Day) - August

  • 6 Leadership Days (1st Wednesday of Sept. Oct. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar.)

  • Run Concession Stand at Red Ribbon Run - October 

  • Signature Projects: Project Hoco (Fall) & Project Prom (Feb/March)

  • Graduation  - April 

Nomination Process

  • Nominated by principal, guidance counselor, community leader, or self-nominate. Current class is also able to nominate for the next class

  • Application and Essay 

  • Current class will review the essays anonymously and vote on the new class

  • Acceptance Letters are sent out and invites follow for the Parent Meeting  


Parent Meeting

  • Sign a contract outlining the obligations and requirements to graduate from the program 

  • Go over the calendar of events for the year

  • Talk about Retreat 

  • Talk about UthMpact & Mission Statement

  • Answer any questions 



  • Receive training on personality profile (personality test completed before the retreat)

  • Planning in groups

  • Team Building Activities 

  • Presentations based upon an assigned topic

Etiquette Dinner

  • Basic Table Manners

  • Proper Dinning Etiquette for a Business Dinner

  • Networking Tips

  • Mentors/Local Businessmen & Women from Emerge Lakeland & Lakeland Leadership Alumni to join us. 



Leadership Days

  • Volunteerism

  • Health & Wellness

  • Law Enforcement

  • Government

  • Business

  • Planning Day



Service Projects

  • Concession Stand at InnerAct Alliance’s Red Ribbon Run (October). Proceeds help to fund a scholarship that is awarded at UthMpact Graduation.

  • Project Hoco/ Project Prom – efforts to provide students with FREE formal wear in exchange for signing a pledge to celebrate safely without alcohol, tobacco, drugs and risky behaviors on Prom night and at Homecoming and Graduation.






In order to graduate, students must attend at least 5 of the 6 Leadership Days, as well as volunteer at the Red Ribbon Run and earn 30 additional hours through UthMpact and InnerAct Alliance events.


At the graduation ceremony, UthMpact Class Members offer a presentation highlighting activities completed during Leadership Days. Attendees include guest speakers, parents, and community leaders who have supported the group throughout the year. Graduates of the program are announced, and seniors are recognized for their contributions. Scholarships are also awarded, along with a special “Lasting Impact” award that is given to an undergraduate who has shown exceptional vision for the future of UthMpact and made significant contributions to its success. 

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